How it works

GoWell has been developed in partnership with Vitality

Vitality is helping over 30 million people across the world to make healthier choices – and rewarding them for it.

Live a healthier and happier life with GoWell in 3 steps:


We help you understand your health


We encourage you to improve your health


We celebrate your health


We help you understand

your health

The first step to improving your health is knowing your starting point.

How we help you:

  1. Answer quick and easy questions
  2. Identify improvement areas
  3. Understand your Health Age that shows you how old you are health-wise compared to your actual age


We encourage you

to improve your health

Sometimes it's hard taking that first step or staying motivated.

How we encourage you:

  1. Buy a new smartwatch or smartphone to help you on your journey and earn back 1500 AED in Smiles Points or on your mobile plan
  2. Complete weekly goals that are personalized to your fitness level
  3. Integrate with multiple devices and apps that track your progress


We celebrate

your health

Prioritising your health isn’t always easy and that’s precisely why we want to acknowledge your hard work.

How we celebrate you:

  1. Enjoy weekly vouchers and discounts from our reward partners across retail, gym, entertainment, food and beverages
  2. Earn discounts on healthy gear and vouchers towards your next holiday as you progress your membership status tier

Read our T&Cs to understand how our rewards work

Enjoy rewards with GoWell

The GoWell program rewards you every step of the way!

Weekly Rewards

Achieve your weekly personalized goals to earn cash vouchers for shopping and groceries, free snacks and coffees and discounts on healthy gear and healthy food!

Monthly rewards

You can buy a new sports watch or smartphone and earn up to 700 AED to cover the cost in smiles points for achieving your monthly goals

Status benefits

As you progress with your health and wellness journey, unlock bigger and better rewards including vouchers for holidays and more! Coming soon…